Sir Wren Jograness Arihim

A rude old Gnome


Race: Forest Gnome
Class: Paladin
Background: Soldier
Alignment: Lawful Good
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Age: 200
Height: 3’3" (99cm)
Weight: 39lbs (17.7kg)
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Dark Tan
Hair: Black


Wren is a paladin in the service of Serasil. He’s also pretty much the grumpiest gnome that has ever existed, and has no patience for explaining things. The only person he seems to have any tolerance for is Jenai, who has proven herself to be capable and useful to keep around. He travels with her as representatives from the main temple of Serasil, helping out where needed.

While he comes off as cold and straight up rude, his actions are the opposite. Even though he may grumble and complain the entire time, he always helps out when needed.

Sir Wren Jograness Arihim

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