Jenai Thrildana

An acolyte from the main temple of Serasil


Race: Human
Class: Monk
Background: Acolyte
Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)
Eyes: Green
Skin: Light
Hair: Bleach blonde


Jenai is an acolyte from the main temple of Serasil that was appointed as Sir Wren’s companion and instructed to assist him in any way necessary. When she joined the Temple of Serasil at age 15, she was already proficient in martial arts and has proven herself as a worthy ally to Wren, who rarely approves of anyone. Somehow she manages to remain cheery and friendly, despite her years spent serving Wren.

She has the symbol of Serasil tattooed on her neck between her clavicles and always visible. She has other tattoos, but generally keeps them all covered.

Jenai Thrildana

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