The Planes of Arannia

Welcome to the New Plane
(To the new plane)

Silva spent a relaxing day traveling with her friend Jenai and her not so friendly companion Wren. It was all pretty uneventful, until an acolyte from the village appeared following a bird that was set out to scout the area by Wren. The acolyte informed Wren that the lair of whatever has been attacking people along the mountain path has been found, and informed him of it's location, not even half a day's walk from where they were now. The acolyte was thanked, provided with a bit of food and water, and then rushed back off into the woods to return to the temple in Keld.

While deciding where to go from here, the three feel an intense magical force pressing down on them, followed by a group of jackals and a humanoid figure running by. The three give chase, and four of the jackals stop to confront their persuers, while the other two and the figure continue on, disappearing between the trees.

Meanwhile, a storm is rolling in near the home of Lilith, and a crash of thunder wakes her from her rest. She springs into action, grabbing her cloak and pulling it around her. She steps outside and looks to the sky. The storm was coming her way. She'd need to be vigilant tonight. Returning inside, she pulls a chair up to the window and sets her pack next to it. She settles down into the chair and lays her unsheathed rapier across her lap. 

Bellamy also saw the storm, but she isn't the type to sit idle and wait. Grabbing her things, she rushes off towards it.

Not long after settling in for the night, Lilith spots a figure running near the edge of the woods. Noticing the elongated ears, similar to her parents' ears. She leaves her post and rushes off in pursuit. Unfortunately, she loses sight of the figure but continues on hoping to find it.

Bellamy notices the girl following her and ducks behind a tree, sticking her leg out just as the girl runs by, tripping her. Lilith looks up from the ground excited, and then disappointed. Before anything is said, another shape appears nearby, limping and clutching his arm and mumbling about needing help and monsters attacking him. The man stumbles into Bellamy, and she attempts to push him off, but loses her balance due to the drink, and falls down with him. The man draws a dagger and plunges it into Bellamy's side. Then the man begins to change, hair sprouting up all over his body, his ears elongating, a snout stretching out of his face. Then he strikes again, biting Bellamy's neck and dropping her body to the forest floor. Lilith rushes forward to help, but is only able to get a single strike in before two jackals appear and pounce on her.

The four jackals that attacked the other group are easily dealt with, with almost no help from Wren. However, as the last jackal falls, the other two reappear with the figure looking more beastly than before, and two more figures crumpled on the ground beside them.

These three are also easily dealt with, even though Wren fell victim to the Jackalware's sleep gaze. Jenai rouses him, and he quickly springs into action to restore the other two figures, who were oddly already stabilized.

After some Q&A, during which Lilith says absolutely nothing but looks around wildly, the group decides to camp for the night and to decide their next course of action in the morning. The group also learns from Wren and Jenai that the creature was a Jackalware, and that there might be a Lamia in the area. During the night, pranking occurs, and Bellamy makes some new friends and a new enemy.


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